“The Passion of the Christ”

The screen goes black…as the music fades, the audience is left stunned, unsure of how to react…they are silent, even as they file out of the arena, caught up in introspection, after this incredible depiction of their precious Savior, who died for their sins…

I have no words to say…I am left humbled to a greater degree than I have ever before experienced…I am left feeling so incredibly ashamed, because I know that I did this to my Lord…it was MY sins that nailed Him to that cross…all the hymns from church now have much deeper meaning…

I cannot say any more, for we signed a release that stated that we would not reveal anything about this film–which is fine with me: I want you to experience this film for yourself…as it truly is an experience…

One thing, though: Mel Gibson has an incredible heart. As he spoke to us, it was so evident that he loves Jesus…

More on this later….I am honestly speechless, as were the rest of the 3700 viewers of the film today…much to reflect upon…

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