This is going to be an awesome week!

You know, sometimes you just get the feeling that a week is going to be awesome…like, something is going to happen that no one expects, and that will make you feel so overjoyed. I just have that feeling! Perhaps it is because of the events of this weekend, or perhaps it’s just an inkling…but I have a notion that this is going to be a week of surprises, joy and laughter. 🙂 If only I can get my massive amount of school work done!!

Praise the Lord that the weather is back to normal!! 🙂 It has been so cold here lately that I haven’t been able to wear flip-flops. It is going to be in the seventies this week, and that makes me so happy.

Nancy Ortberg, who used to minister at Willow Creek Community Church which is near Chicago, spoke in chapel today and will be here Wednesday as well. As she talked about Chicago it made me realize just how excited I am to go there! It seems like my trip is ages away, but I know that it will come quickly.

Alright, off to work, and to write my Medieval Europe paper…

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