Things are getting better!

Today was a rough day that ended well…

Our beloved Campus Pastor today announced that he will be leaving at the end of this semester…his first year was my first year, so I have grown to love and appreciate him so much…he helped me through two really rough times (one of which was Suzy’s fate)…he feels God calling him to a church in San Diego…sad! But, it is a blessing to have known him for these 3 years. He has taught me a great deal!

Had a discussion with someone today about my new frustrations with the political world…and it didn’t go well…not horrible, but this person was not happy with the changes that have been gradually occuring since ASP…sad…

Now to the good things!!

Worship team practice was amazing tonight as usual…such incredibly talented musicians! Great lyrics tonight…very refreshing…

Got a letter today–9 pages long! Such an encouragement…every word so thoughtful…made my week even better!


the best part of all is that I got everything that is due tomorrow finished by 10:30pm!! WOO HOO! My presentation is ready, my two papers are written…one of those is a miracle…I wasn’t even going to write it, since it is only worth 5% of my grade…but God totally helped me and gave me a direction to pursue in my analysis (and I was told that my analysis was very good!!)…I love when God does that for us, when we are SO stressed out that we cannot function, He steps in and asks us why we didn’t ask Him sooner…so anyway, finishing the papers/presentation gave me time to talk on the phone for 2 hours tonight πŸ™‚ To whom was I speaking? It’s not hard to guess…

Anyway, Thursday afternoon and Friday I need to get a lot done on the two papers and the presentation next week…Saturday my brother is coming down, so I don’t want to be doing homework while he is here! I am so close to Spring Break (during which I will have to write 3 more papers…)…

What a day…

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