Back in Los Angeles…

Wow, what a weekend. I can’t believe that it is already over!

I went to Illinois/Indiana this weekend, for Michael’s graduation from Olivet Nazarene University, and it was a fabulous weekend.

Friday: Plane, Portillo’s Hotdogs (A Chicago classic), Honor Society induction banquet, baccalaureate, chilling in the apartment.

Saturday: VERY early wake-up, graduation, moving out of the apartment, drive to Indiana, dinner and “party” with Michael’s family.

Sunday: Mother’s Day, church, musical at the high school, severe storms (and storm chasing…Michael and I decided to be adventurous! We drove through an area where a tornado had been not long before we got there! Scary!), great time with his family.

Monday: CHICAGO πŸ™‚ Picnic by Lake Michigan, Shedd Aquarium, Michigan Avenue (tulips everywhere), dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, beautiful evening.

Tuesday: Mt. Baldy, downtown Valparaiso, drive to Midway (traffic was horrendous!), flew home…arrived at LAX after being on a plane for 6 hours because of a layover in Phoenix. I was the only one staying on that flight to LAX, so I had the plane to myself for about 30 minutes! Kinda cool!

I got home around 11:30pm and had to move in and get settled in my new apartment. I love it so much! I have a huge room, my own bathroom, and the entire apartment is mine for a month because my roommates are traveling until the end of May/beginning of June. I love it!

Anyway, just wanted to give a little update. My weekend was amazing…many special and memorable moments, great company, good times…although the tornados were a little much for this California girl!

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