Information and Media Technologies (AKA “IMT”) at APU

Alright…I have had my qualms with IMT in the past…on more than one occasion now, they have had a simple task to perform on my computer–something I could have done myself with a little instruction–and they have messed up my computer. The first time was my sophomore year, when they were simply supposed to install the wireless internet card onto my computer–something theyhave to do…well, after that my computer was never the same.

Friday has again brought consequences from letting IMT touch my laptop. I took in in there to put my documents/programs onto a CD, using an external harddrive, so that I could upgrade to XP. Simple, right? Well, now the screen on my laptop is black…if you squint, you can VERY faintly see the items on the screen…but it is black. And I don’t know what on earth they did to it, but I am pretty upset. I had expected to upgrade Friday afternoon, and have internet by that evening–since I am paying for the internet already I’d like to use it! Well, I took the computer home…and the screen is black…GRRR! I am frustrated. I need to just stop thinking I can let them do things, and do things myself, since I know basically as much about computers than most of them (thanks to my friends in high school and thanks to LAN parties)!

Anyway…yeah. IMT does not have a great reputation…I wonder why!

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