Childhood Flashback

Remember the games we used to play growing up? Remember the game M.A.S.H.? Wow, did my friends and I spend hours and hours playing that game…who would we marry? What would we drive? Seriously, we would play this game, get the results, then fall back on the bed in ecstatic bliss if the results matched our desires…if they didn’t suit us, we’d play again until they did. Sigh…(LOL!)

Miss those days?

Well, now you can play it online!

The “13 going on 30” website has tons of 1980s and 1990s flashback stuff, and it has been kinda fun! I spent about 30 minutes on there today…playing M.A.S.H. a few times.

I’ll keep the M.A.S.H. results to myself 😉

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