An interesting weekend…

Well, I was unable to spend “Father’s Day” with my father, as I live 8 hours away. I will be going home this Friday, however, so we’ll spend time together then.

A few of my favorite memories of my Dad:

* Traveling all over the Western United States for boat racing…

* Being so proud of his amazingly beautiful paint jobs of boats, cars, go-karts, etc.

* Watching NASCAR, NHRA and other racing events on Sundays, after church.

* His quirks (many of which I have as well)…always made me laugh…

* How he loved to wake me up on Saturday mornings, knowing that I wanted to sleep in.

* Learning about automotive maintenance and repair from him (before my auto-shop days)

* Watching him hold and play with our rabbit, even though he “never wanted one.”

* Knowing that he and I were so much alike, that he’d understand my ideas.

I just realized that most of those have to do with racing in one way or another, LOL. That is why racing is so fun for me, I think, because it was always something we did with Dad (Mom participated, but I don’t think she “loves” it like he does). We are by NO means a red-neck family. Like my Dad always says about racing: “It’s something to do on the weekends.”

Since I couldn’t be with family, I spent the day with two women who are like family to me. I drove down to Orange County to spend time with two of my roommates from my semester in D.C., because the three of us became very close while there. One of the girls, Katie, just moved to So Cal from Ohio last week, and it was so awesome to talk to her. We have a lot in common as far as health problems go, so it was really good to dialogue with her about the difficulties in life.

We also discussed French Anti-semitism with her roommate, Mary, who is a Messianic Jew. I had NO idea that things were so bad in France…no idea. She wrote her senior thesis on this topic, and will be sending it to me sometime so that I can read it and learn more about it. According to the New York Times, there has been a “spectacular rise” in anti-semitism in the past three years, and these acts have been committed by Muslims…and according to Mary, the Jewish community fears another holocaust. It was incredibly astounding to me, and also amazed me that the press hasn’t been picking up on these things, or at least not reporting them (not that I give the media much credit or respect). If any of you know more about this, please let me know. It breaks my heart to know that this people group is once again being persecuted in such horrible ways.

Just in case anyone is curious, my shingles are looking better, LOL. It’s been a week now, and though the medicine isn’t cooperating very well with my stomach, it is keeping the virus under control. Praise the Lord!

More to come in my series about the Church…more thoughts this weekend, just need to put them all together in a logical pattern. 🙂

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