Some articles about French Anti-Semitism

This has really come to be a burden upon my heart, so here are some recent articles I discovered about the incidents in France.

I also forgot to mention something interesting that Mary (the Messianic Jew I met yesterday) mentioned to us…she said that the Jewish community is wondering if this is one way that God is bringing the people back to Israel. From what she said, in order for “Yeshua” to return, Jews must come from all over the world back to Israel, and she said that they feel that, as horrible as this is, maybe this is one way that God is bringing them back. I don’t know…it’s just something to think about…it’s just so sad! Anyway, like I said, that’s just what she said, I don’t know much more about it…

Nazi graffiti found on French graves (this one disturbed me the most, I think)

Anti-Semitism Rising, Jews in France Ponder Leaving

Increase in Violence Worries French Jews

Time for Jews to leave France? Nazi hunter says it’s best way to fight anti-Semitism

International conference on anti-Semitism, racism on Internet opens in Paris

Vandals ruin French mural painted by concentration camp children

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