My Poem…

Since I won’t be posting tomorrow, I decided to post my poem today.

My writing is a major part of me, and in it I try to be real and express what I’m feeling deep within. This poem is no different. It is NOT my best work, by any means, but that’s okay. It helped me to “get out” what I was feeling inside.

So, understand that I feel very vulnerable after posting a poem, especially when it is only 3 days old…but enjoy it, and leave nice comments if you like it! πŸ™‚  If you don’t like it, please don’t tell me. I’m VERY sensitive about these things! It is untitled as of now…

There are twists and turns on this path I tread

With little notice of what lies ahead.

But, I will follow and I will seek

For You are strongest when I am weak.

Unexpected crossroads, I must make a choice

I wait, I listen for Your still, small voice.

Some paths cross, some diverge

I cannot merely follow an inclination or urge.

I must look to You, and You alone

For You will guide me, wherever I roam.

Alpha, Omega; Lord of my life

Through every hardship, through every strife.

Through every victory and every defeat

Through times of joy, when I feel complete.

I know I can trust You to light my way;

Then why do I struggle, argue and sway?

Why do I question Your perfect plan

The power of the Great β€˜I AM’?

Oh, Lord Almighty, lead me on.

This road is narrow, windy, and long.

I am weary, tired and worn

From the endless distractions and storms.

You are the Lord of my entire being,

Not merely my advisor, or Lord of some things.

I know not the direction or the length of this road

Only the Maker whose hand I hold.

You created the stars, the seasons, the light

Still You hear every thought, every laugh, every plight.

How wondrous You are; such a mystery

That the Creator of the Universe cares deeply for me.

Help me to ponder this great thought each day:

You will never stop loving, or leading my way.

Though I often wander, stumble and fall,

Your love is with me, through it all.

Lesa Close

July 26, 2004

5 thoughts on “My Poem…

  1. girl, I don’t know how good your best works are if that isn’t it, but that rocks! (and I’m a youth so that word has meaning)


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