Moving and other things…

This morning was perfect…the air was cool and crisp…the marine layer covered the sky, which is my favorite type of morning…and I was well-rested (after sleeping from 9-9:30pm and going to bed at 10:15pm!!)…wonderful!

I also just got a package from my “secret pal” (from my church in Red Bluff). Each college student has a secret pal/prayer partner each year they are away, and we receive notes, goodies, etc. throughout the year. I got a package today! I am excited–especially because they again included the BEST hot chocolate in the world, Land-O-Lakes. I know that my mom must have spread the word to my pal that I wanted some more! I have not been able to find it ANYWHERE down here, and it is seriously the best hot chocolate! I am going to make some right now! 🙂

I moved this weekend, and I helped my new roommate move from her old apartment into our new one. I am SO tired of moving! I haven’t even really unpacked anything, because I just wanted to leave it there. I will probably start unpacking things later this week, but it isn’t really a priority. Our power will be on today, which doesn’t really mean much to me since I am house-sitting this week. But, I am moved! It’s just sad because I really enjoyed my roommates/apartment this summer…it’s not like I live far away now, but with our busy schedules, who knows how often we’ll be able to get together.

Other than that…God is good! I am so excited to see what He does in the coming weeks! I am trying to learn how to relax (with the help of a friend), because that is something I am not very good at. 🙂 Paige comes back in less than 2 weeks!! Sara will be here on the 15th!! I can’t wait to see all these people! 🙂

Good times…

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