Concert on the Lawn…coming soon!

Not too much to say today! Finally was able to get into my boss’s office, to get the files of work that I was supposed to be doing while he is on vacation in the Midwest…so I have plenty to keep me occupied!

Last night’s worship team practice was wonderful…it was the first time in 3 weeks that our whole team has been there, and as we practiced, it was an incredible time of worship.

We also began preparing for our church’s first annual “Concert on the Lawn”, which is August 13th, at 7pm. Our pastor decided that it was time to share the collective talent of the worship team members, so we are doing a concert!

If you live in the area, our church is First Baptist Church of Glendora, located at 505 N. Grand Avenue, Glendora (California).

This concert will be a time of worship led by the worship team, but will also showcase the worship team members. I am singing two songs (and playing guitar for those songs), and most of the worship team members are doing something as well. We have SO many talented musicians, many of which have their own bands and write their own music. I’d encourage you to come, bring friends, for a great night of fellowship and great music!

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