Thanksgiving in Northern California…

Well, I’m back at APU after a wonderful weekend in Red Bluff with my family. It was chilly, but it was well worth the 1000+ miles I had to drive.

As you can see from the pictures below, I got to go to the snow (YAY!), and we cut our Christmas tree. Courtney had never cut a tree, and has always had a fake tree, so we decided to give her the experience.

My brother enlisted in the United States Army last Wednesday, and will leave for Fort Knox on January 12 or 13…it’s really hard on my family, but we do think it will be good for him. It will definitely give him a new experience!

Thanksgiving this year made me realize just how much I love my big family…they are loud, they are hilarious, they are filled with love. I also realized that living in a small town isn’t all that bad–NOT THAT I WILL EVER MOVE BACK TO RED BLUFF!! 🙂 I just realized that no where else do you have such community, such traditions (such as our Christmas parade, which was this Saturday)…so it made me smile, realizing how much my time in Red Bluff has shaped me into who I am today…

Enjoy the pictures…:)

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