Wow…I have already been in D.C. for 4 days! I absolutely love it here! I have had such amazing fellowship, seen such amazing places…

Last night, for instance, was exactly what I needed. I went to a night of worship–which was incredible–and then out to IHOP afterwards for fellowship. I met 9 people last night who are also alums of ASP (American Studies Program). The bond that you have with these people, even though you have just met, is unreal. They all knew people that I know from various Christian colleges, and it was a great time of laughter and sharing.

I’m going to “work” today, and I’m so excited. I love this city, I love the people with whom God has blessed me…and I can’t wait to see what He is going to do!

Much more will come later about my Spring Break…it’s been awesome thus far!

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