Partisan Politics…

I am a political science major…I love the political world–the excitement, the challenges, the thrill of victory…

But something has really begun to resonate within my soul as of late…I have come to realize that I am tired of partisan politics.

As I watched season 1 of “24” this week, and as I observed David Palmer–the candidate for president–I realized just how much I dislike the games, the deception, the cover-ups, the bickering…

Most people claim that they want to be in politics to make a difference, to make changes in the world…David Palmer is in it for that reason. He remains true to his moral principles, and he succeeds by doing so.

However, his wife, his campaign advisors, and others seem to care more about the campaign and winning than they do about the people involved–including his own family. And it really struck me as being so realistic!

When I look at what our Congress is like today (generallyspeaking), I see bills being defeated simply because of the party which developed and presented them. I see the President’s nominees for judicial positions being filibustered–and there are not always good and sound reasons for those filibusters. I see people who care more about being re-elected than about doing their part to make the world a better place while they are in office…I see politicians not working together to solve the nation’s problems because they are of different parties.

Is that the best that we can do?

It really saddens me to see our Congress in such a state…they have the potential to do SO much good–to be an instrument through which the Lord can bring justice and peace to the world…and yet so much time is wasted arguing and debating just for the sake of arguing…because “those liberals” have no idea how to deal with these problems…or “those conservatives” are ignorant and not worth our time…

It is really frustrating…and it also shows just how much I really have changed (and am still changing) since ASP–because I still struggle with the same mindset about the “other parties”, but I am beginning to see it in a different light.

May the Lord help us all to remember that being in elected office is a privilege, and an opportunity to do GOOD… that we are all Americans, none better than any other…and that each of us is worthy of respect and dignity, no matter what party we join, because we are God’s children, first and foremost…

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