Great Evening…

Ananda and I had a really great evening tonight. We had dinner at Chevy’s (always time for Mexican food!), then went to the mall–mainly because it’s air conditioned. After that, we decided to go see “The Break-Up” since we both wanted to see it.

What really got me was the previews, though. Ananda and I both had a hard time not shedding a tear when the preview of the 9-11 movie came on. That’s going to be a tough one. I haven’t seen the movie out right now about the Pennsylvania plane yet, because that one will be tough as well and I haven’t been in the right mood for it yet. I just hope that this movie isn’t cheesy–as most end up being–because I think it will be a great tribute to those who gave their lives that day.

Anyway, “The Break-Up” was really funny–but it also made us really think as well. Thinking is good! It was a fairly realistic view of how irrational people can be while going through a break-up…I’ve definitely been there. πŸ™‚

I’d recommend it! It’s definitely worth your time!

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