“November” Surprise…

As some of you know, I am pursuing a management position within my company, and there is a slight chance that this could happen as early as January. Things have been progressing well! I feel as if I am a candidate, and I have chosen a “staff” for support and guidance…I have been networking, making myself known, etc. so that when the position is open, I stand out as an ideal candidate. I know that I have the support of a vast majority of the current leaders (and have arranged meetings to gain the support of those who don’t yet know me), including my director.

However, there is always an “October Surprise”–or in this case a “November Surprise.” It’s not completely damaging, but it has happened. A rumor was spread about me…and people were saying that I had been spreading gossip about two specific leaders–which is entirely untrue…and one of the two leaders involved is very upset (even though it’s not true), and told me today that she doesn’t know if she can trust me/support me.

It always happens…someone who is honest, does the right thing, always gets something like this! Something totally untrue, something out of character…at least it seems that it is only this one leader who is holding it against me–even though I humbly brought it up and apologized this afternoon.

Life is full of surprises…but this isn’t a welcomed one. Sometimes I really dislike politics…but I trust that the Lord is in charge, and I know that if He wants me to be a member of management, it will happen, regardless of this leader’s opinion. πŸ™‚

I just have to continue to do the right thing…

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