It’s been an incredibly busy two weeks!! Quick update…

First of all, my Aunt now has a blog: http://raindropdrive.blogspot.com
You should definitely check it out!

Tomorrow is going to be a great day for two reasons:
1–my Dad’s birthday! Happy birthday, Dad! 🙂
2–Season 6 of “24” premieres tomorrow night!! Jack Bauer is back!

Things at work are progressing nicely…I had my first interview this past week for a management position…and I was “passed on” for the second interview! YAY!! That interview will most likely take place on Tuesday…and if that goes well, I will potentially have three more interviews this week, because they want the position filled by the 29th. Praise God that I have even been able to get this far–especially considering that I’ve only been at ADP for 11 months! 🙂 He is so good to us! Please pray that if this is His timing and His Will, that it would be done. Management would be SOOOO awesome! 🙂

It is currently 32 degrees here in Glendora, which means that it is going to be below freezing tonight…I’m a bit concerned about my rabbit–because he’s a SoCal bunny and hasn’t been this cold yet…but he has been growing more fur lately, so I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Other than that, life is just crazy busy…and I’m loving every minute. 🙂

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