Update on Job…

Well, I did not get this position…it was very close between myself and another candidate, and it came down to the fact that he has been there longer and therefore has more specific experience. It makes sense, and I’m not bitter. I am disappointed, but not discouraged.

I had a good “debrief” with my mentor, my supervisor and my team leader right afterward, and we were able to set the course of action from this point forward. Basically, I am now going to be watched by everyone even more closely, because they all know of my intentions. So, I have to “kick it up a notch” and really shine. All of the feedback from management has been positive, and they all say “when” rather than “if” (in regards to whether or not I’ll be in management)…

God’s timing is perfect, and as disappointing as this may be, I must realize that there is a reason, and that He knows more than I do. 🙂 So I take comfort in that.

Thank you all for your prayers and support throughout this last interview process! I’ll keep you posted!

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