Daytona 500!

Wow–what a race today! I could not believe that my drivers (see sidebar to the right!) were in the top ten until turn four of the last lap…when someone crashed, and took my drivers out…SAD! But, it was an unexpected finish, and it was quite exciting.

The best part about today was spending it with friends who had never seen a NASCAR race…and they weren’t excited about it, until they actually experienced it. It was funny at times because they had all seen the Pixar movie “Cars”–which they were using as their frame of reference, so to speak. They were asking excellent questions, which I was happy to answer to the best of my ability. It meant so much that they would come over to my “Daytona 500 party” even though they could care less about the race! They did it because it meant something to me…

I had an incredible weekend, and the Lord is doing some amazing things in my life, and in me. I feel so richly blessed, and I know that He is going to provide for all of my needs (which right now includes a house!)…

God is good, all the time… 🙂

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