Hand-Washing Observations…

I enjoy observing people. Because I work at a large corporation, there are plenty of opportunities to observe the habits and behaviors of people, and it doesn’t require any effort; lately, I’ve come to notice hand-washing habits…And I thought it was worth blogging about. 🙂

Many people do not wash their hands after “using the facilities”, which I find absolutely disgusting (and that’s why I don’t touch doors in public restrooms). This is not uncommon knowledge, and that hasn’t surprised me. What intrigues me is those who “almost” wash their hands, like one woman here who always runs her hands under the water but doesn’t use soap. What’s the point?

Or, like yesterday…a woman stood next to me at the sink, let the water run while she fixed her hair, then turned off the water without actually touching any of it. She walked out. I was intrigued by this, because she went to the effort to make it appear that she was washing her hands, when in actuality, she was most definitely not. She was also wasting water, and, while I’m not a “tree-hugger” by any means, I recognize that we are in a severe drought and should be conscientious of that fact. Anyway, what’s the point? Maybe she feels guilty about the fact that she doesn’t wash her hands, which is why she feels the need to deceive. The world may never know… 🙂

Moral of the story: wash your hands. It takes very little time, it keeps the place cleaner, and it will prevent people like me from making these observations. 🙂

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