Pennsylvania Countdown…

In eight days, I will be on a plane to Baltimore, beginning my eleven-day stint in the great state of Pennsylvania. Woo hoo!!

As I’ve been preparing to go–making reservations for car/hotel, creating play-lists for my iPod since I’m doing a lot of driving—I can’t help but reminisce and feel so blessed for knowing the people that I am going to see while I’m there…

My two summers in Pennsylvania (plus multiple week long trips since), have left such a lasting impression on my life and my faith. As most of you know, I served as a summer missionary in Williamsport, PA in 2002 and 2003…and I definitely never expected to be so profoundly impacted by the people there and the lessons learned (my first thoughts when learning my assignment to PA: “What? Aren’t they all Amish?” LOL–true story).

On my play-list for the driving thus far, I have put many songs that I listened to during those summers of ministry—songs that sustained me and reminded me of my purpose there…and those songs bring back specific memories of people and places…and I cannot wait to return! It’s been two long years since my last visit (for my “sister” Cheyenne’s wedding)…

I’m really excited about all the people that I will be seeing, but also for all the driving that I will be doing, as I will be by myself, and will have time to just reflect and relax (and stop wherever I want to for photography)! I will be going to Scranton—where the great show “The Office” takes place, so that I can see the real places the show references. I’m going to Pittsburgh for two days, to see two former youth group kids of mine who are in college now, and to see the city again (Perhaps another visit to the Heinz Factory!).

I am very VERY excited about seeing the Autumn colors while I’m there. My Pennsylvania “Mom” said the other day that the leaves had just started turning, so while I’m there it should be the “peak” of the color…

I’m excited about being present at two weddings—and singing at one of them…

I’m excited about eating a Wegman’s sub sandwich (the BEST!)…

I’m excited about seeing all those who have become like family to me…

Most of all, I’m excited about leaving Southern California and all the busy-ness that life here brings for me. I need a break. I need time away to seek the Lord, experience His creation, and most importantly, not go to work. 🙂 I’m exhausted, my spirit is worn, and I desperately need to leave SoCal…

I apologize for my lack of blogging lately—work is crazy, and I’ve been working 9-10 hour days for the past two weeks. I’m exhausted—but the next two paychecks will be nice 🙂 Life is good, just busy.

Big concert on Saturday (that I have coordinated and will be performing in as well)—if you’re in the area, you should come! Three artists from the area will be performing (Gayle Skidmore, Andrea Hamilton, Cameron Akrami) and they are all excellent!

Concert on the Lawn
Saturday, October 6th, 2007
Free Dinner & Music!

505 N. Grand Avenue
Glendora, CA


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