Pennsylvania so far…

I have been here for three full days now…and I have loved every second. I have been SO blessed already! The Lord is truly using this time to restore my soul and to bring healing to my heart, and I feel refreshed, renewed…but still not ready to return to California. At all. So, I am going to not think about returning until I have to!

Here’s a quick rundown of my experience so far:

Thursday–flying all day, driving to Harrisburg. Dinner with my “Pennsylvania Dad” at Panera Bread.

Friday–lunch with Jon in Harrisburg, wandering around the area (the Capitol building, Hershey, etc.), playing airport taxi for Randy, going dress shopping, wedding rehearsal and dinner.

Saturday–wedding! Pretty much all day. Drove to Williamsport. Yay!

Sunday–Church (sang on worship team; amazing church service–the Lord was really moving, as He always seems to do at this church!), lunch with most of my favorite people in Williamsport, drove to Scranton (had a great time there seeing places from “The Office”), drove to Bethlehem to stay with Cheyenne and Matt…

And that’s where I am currently. 🙂 I leave for Pittsburgh tomorrow night…long drive 🙂

Praise the Lord for this trip…it’s SO what I needed!

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