$25,000 Sundae?!

The average cost of one year of school for me while at APU was around $25,000. What did I get for that amount of money? Food and shelter for a year…great learning experiences…opportunities that have shaped my future…it was an investment, which is why I don’t mind have student loans to pay off (about one year’s worth of school).

I say all that because I cannot fathom spending the same amount of money that I paid for one YEAR of school on a frozen dessert that will last maybe 15 minutes…It even has “edible gold” on it! Why on earth would you want to EAT gold, when you could use it for something far more useful?

If I had that kind of money, the last thing I would spend it on would be stupid “luxury” items like that. As cliche as this may sound, how do people justify that kind of expenditure–one dessert–when $25,000 could feed thousands of people?!

I’m glad that there are always headlines that make me think and that amaze me…no matter how stupid they are… 🙂

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