Interesting Survey…

Ten Things People Won’t Guess By Just Looking At You:

1. I love NASCAR and pretty much any form of racing
2. I play seven instruments
3. I am lactose intolerant
4. I used to go to LAN parties in high school (only girl)
5. Singing is my passion
6. I’m a redneck at heart (I come from NorCal–it’s to be expected)
7. I can be a very aggressive driver
8. I love Jesus
9. I’m intelligent 🙂
10. I wanted (want?) to be a lobbyist in D.C. for many years

Nine Things You Want To Do Before You Die:

1. Go to all seven continents
2. Get married
3. Be a mom (adopted and biological)
4. Go to all 50 states
5. Be a missionary
6. Learn Arabic and Italian
7. Become a professional photographer
8. Learn banjo
9. Have a white Christmas

Eight Things You Say Everyday:

1. Seriously?
2. “Local research, this is Lesa” (5 days a week)
3. Whatever
4. Praise the Lord!
5. How’s it going?
6. Yikes
7. Yay!
8. Wow!

Seven Things You Hate/Dislike:

1. The Dodgers/Lakers
2. Inefficiency
3. When people aren’t punctual…
4. Bad manners…
5. Bad grammar/spelling…
6. L.A. Traffic (and drivers)
7. Mushrooms 🙂

Six Things You Love:

2. Boys 🙂
3. My family and friends
4. Pennsylvania
5. Traveling
6. Northern California

Five People You Look Up To:

1. My Grandparents/Parents
2. My mentor (S.R.)
3. My best-friends (D.C. and K.D.)
4. My “Pennsylvania Parents”
5. My other mentor (H.W.)

Four Places You Want To Visit:

1. Iceland
2. Croatia
3. South America
4. Sub-Saharan Africa

Three Things You Could Do Without:

1. Allergies
2. Student Loans
3. All the stuff I’ve accumulated over the years

Two Things You Never Want To Do:

1. Jump out of a plane
2. Be around lava (yes, I’m serious)

One Person Who Has Changed Your Life For The Better:
Well, besides Jesus…I’d have to say my mentors (H.W. and S.R.)

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