Thoughts on the Happenings of Today…

I love politics…it’s part of who I am…and today, two very interesting things happened (of note)…

First, DrudgeReport was FILLED with headlines today about the negative campaigns that Hillary and Barack are running right now…Hillary and Barack are absolutely going after eachother, and it’s making me nervous…not because either of them are my candidate of choice–but because I’m afraid that this is only going to increase the voter apathy in the U.S….Voter apathy is something that I spent a lot of time writing about/researching in college, and it’s something I closely monitor when I read the news…And one of the top reasons that people don’t vote, don’t pay attention to politics is because of the politicians. Hillary and Barack (and Bill–what the heck is he doing? Who’s really running for President?! But that’s a totally different soap box…) are being the type of politician that make Americans stay home…

It has nothing to do with their party affiliation–if two Republicans were doing this I’d be just as mad. It’s dumb! I am increasingly opposed to partisan politics (though I understand that it’s inevitable, just like denominations in Christianity), precisely because of this ridiculous fighting, slandering, etc. I hate that often a bill won’t be passed just because it’s from the other party.

I feel like I can say all this because I used to be incredibly partisan–and I still am to some extent, but I also realize that it’s really dumb to not look at the merit of a bill just because it’s from the other party.

Anyway, so Hillbilly and Obama aren’t making good moves right now, I don’t think, because I fear it’s going to make people even more wary of politics…

The other thing that caught my eye was this article about Saddam and his WMDs. Apparently, Saddam lied about having them because he was afraid of Iran attacking Iraq. To me, that is completely legitimate, and I can’t blame the guy. The guy who interrogated him spent seven months with him, and really was able to get Saddam to open up. I was also amazed that he didn’t really think that the United States would jump in–he said they had survived the attacks before, so they could survive them again. Anyway, it was a fascinating thing, because it also may mean that Bush didn’t necessarily deceive us by saying they had them: Saddam went to great lengths to make the world believe they were.

Interesting things…

On a personal note, God is already really challenging me to trust Him completely, and that goes along with my desire to be “uncomfortable” this year. But, I know that He is going to take care of me–of that I am completely sure. But, it is a challenge, and I can’t wait to see how He works things out!

And it’s still raining…it actually snowed about seven miles west of my house this morning! Crazy!

Passion this weekend…I’m stoked. I’ll post when I get back…have a great weekend!

One thought on “Thoughts on the Happenings of Today…

  1. In regards to your personal note at the end: I think God quite often challenges our faith and trust in Him BY allowing us to be uncomfortable. if we were comfortable, we might find no need for Him. But know this: If you’re going through a difficult time, you can rest assured that God is up to something in your life. So exciting!


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