A few things…

This video is SO funny…it’s just ridiculous, but there are several life-lessons you could use this to teach…

Praise the Lord! Los Angeles received more rain last week (6.8 inches!!) than it did all of last year! Woo hoo! AND, more rain is coming. Thank you, Lord, for the rain…

Vermont never ceases to amaze me…why don’t they just become their own country if they’re so discontent? Now they are voting to arrest Pres. Bush and others if they ever set foot in Vermont…LOL…right. The best part is that they’d arrest them for war crimes…I kinda don’t think that states/towns can do that. 🙂 But, whatever. It’s Vermont 🙂

Life is still going well…we’ve made major progress on housing for New Orleans, and I’m getting more excited each day…

Oh, and I know it’s not Christmas yet, but check out this video of an awesome a capella group singing their version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”…and a bunch of other songs they throw in there…it’s 3.5 minutes–check it out!

2 thoughts on “A few things…

  1. If they became their own country, the U.S. (namely Bush) would just wage war against them. We have the Civil War and the succession of South Carolina as a precedent.


  2. What a bunch of morons. Well Vermont can have their cheese and their civil unions. They’re going the way of San Francisco faster than San Francisco. I’m pretty sure that most states don’t even have war crimes statutes so they’d be arresting them on federal charges and thus…have no jurisdiction…maybe? I should consider law school before I mouth off about stuff like this. 😉

    Glad things with the missions trip are going well!


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