There are very few things that make me nearly ashamed of living in California…what I’m about to blog about is definitely one of them.

Berkeley (in the Bay Area) is known for it’s extreme liberalism, and is one of the places that has given California such a terrible reputation…but I cannot believe the latest headlines (well, from last week…I’m a little behind the times)…

Check out this video of the protest…

It’s one thing to protest the war, but it’s a completely different issue when the troops are being protested–ESPECIALLY at their funerals. Our troops are not “unwelcome intruders”!! I have zero tolerance for this garbage. We live in a country that allows us to make free choices, and those who enlist have made that decision. Just because the protesters don’t agree with the war doesn’t mean that they should be so disrespectful of their fellow Americans!

Soap box done… 🙂

I’d say more, but I’m running on less than five hours of sleep, and my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders today. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Unbelievable…

  1. While I wouldn’t protest a funeral of anyone, I would protest at a recruiting station. I don’t support the war, therefore I don’t support the troops. While that is highly unpopular to say, my issue is this–we haven’t had a draft. We’ve been engaged in this nonsense since 2003, and most people who are fighting enlisted AFTER the start of the war. They knew what they were getting themselves into, and I don’t feel sorry for them.

    I do think they are unwelcomed intruders. And their status as soldiers does not give them some “hero” title that makes them exempt from disdain. The fact that we live in a free country with free choices also includes free speech.

    That being said, I think the energy might be better used for other things rather than chaining oneself to the doors of the recruiting office. However, that is their right, and I don’t look down upon them for exercising it.


  2. Lesa – feel free to delete if this gets too flame-y…but…

    Heather, it’s nice to see a liberal who doesn’t lie through their teeth about the fact that they hate soldiers (and if you think I’m twisting your words, hatred is a synonym for disdain. Look it up.). At least you tell the truth about that.

    Still, as someone who has many dear friends in the military and as the grandchild of a heroic man who fought for our country in WWII, I’m disgusted by you. Who cares if you don’t support this particular war? Our soldiers are men of honor who sign up to do a duty, regardless of their commander-in-chief and regardless of the mission. They do what they are told. To you this might make them idiots or murderers or lemmings. To the still decent parts of America, this makes them the few people who will go where they are called to protect us from threats so myopic, willfully ignorant people like you can enjoy their “freedom of speech” to express your disdain for them.

    The fact that I have friends fighting all over the world right now so people like you can express themselves…makes me livid. I think you (and all the people like you) should be ashamed of yourself for being so dreadfully ungrateful to these men and women who risk their lives for us. Regardless of whether or not you believe they’re fighting a real threat, THEY signed up to defend us from threats at all – and that’s more than you and your PHD have done. Perhaps they don’t deserve pity, but they do deserve your respect and gratitude. And it’s a disgrace that you call them instead “unwelcome intruders.” You can bet your hippie rear-end that the Islamofacists we’re fighting around the globe right now won’t be so lax on you when you don’t tow the line with them. Sharia law isn’t so friendly to freedom of expression, especially when it’s from a woman.

    If this is the best you can do to exercise your freedoms – you don’t deserve them. In fact, this is why America is screwed. Because to liberals, freedom means the freedom to insult soldiers, kill babies, silence Christians (or at least the ones who believe in the Bible – maybe they’ll exempt the ones who think God is a woman and tear out the pages of Scripture that clearly state that homosexuality is a sin) – oh and you can’t forget plundering the rich to pay for the welfare state.

    This is a poor excuse for “freedom.”


  3. You obviously lump me together with a group of people for which you have no respect. You stereotype “liberals,” and I don’t feel your broad sweeping claims deserve a response. Nor do your personal attacks toward me deserve a response. Critique my ideas; do not make assumptions about me.

    That being said, I will respond to the personal attacks made at me, particularly ones made about my theological perspective. My visitor tracker tipped me off that you read my response on “She Who Is.” While I likely have a more open view of God and who God can be–the possibilities are limitless–no where did I say God was a woman. In fact, the post to which you indirectly refer is a book review–the presentation of another person’s thoughts. In that, I specifically said “Johnson does not say God is female, as doing so would be just as inaccurate as saying God is male. God transcends gender, a concept that most agree upon until feminine language is ascribed to God. Recognizing that all language for God is metaphorical–God is greater than human language can express–to limit God to solely male language is to succumb to idolatry, imaging God as literally male.”

    As a liberal Christian, I have not once torn out pages of my Bible (any of the numerous ones I have) nor killed a baby. I’ve never “plundered” anyone (nor have I done the myriad of synonyms for plunder).

    I could take your points much more seriously if you wouldn’t flame me with impassioned statements. While you think that my “disdain” equates to hate because Roget’s Thesaurus told you those two words are synonymous, I would question how your words toward me equate, at all, as love.


  4. Heather, I did read a few posts on your blog and gathered that you are one who holds to extremely liberal theological views. I have studied Christian Feminism a bit (read The Feminist Gospel by Mary Kassian) and disagree very strongly with it.

    However, the point I’m making is that your disdain (hatred, whatever you want to call it) for our soldiers is a disgrace.

    I live in San Francisco so I’m pretty closely acquainted with a lot of liberals. Seeing how liberalism has played out in this city makes me little inclined to have ANY respect for liberal views. What you see as personal attacks are just statements of fact.

    I don’t see how a Christian can support a political candidate (all other issues aside) who believes that abortion is a right. This position is very clearly antithetical to Scripture. You may not have killed your own babies, but the candidates that you’re supporting (or rather, the ideas) have sponsored the slaughter of literally millions of unborn children each year. You might not have “plundered” anyone (plunder comes from “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat – another excellent book about government) – but the politicians you support certainly use the government every day to do so (and sadly, so do some so-called “conservatives”).

    I live in a city where it’s painfully obvious everyday that liberalism doesn’t work. Our crime rates are skyrocketing (even after some of the most stringent gun laws in the country), businesses and families are leaving the city because of absurdly unfriendly taxes and housing rates, and homosexuality has been given rampant run of the city (Folsom Street Fair, Gay Pride Week, it goes on and on). Meanwhile, I have homeless people peeing in my doorway and there are used needles everywhere. And this is a city where there is no room for conservatives. Liberals have complete control over every aspect of government. This place should be a darn utopia by now to hear liberals talk about their ideas. Newsflash – It’s NOT.

    I’m honestly not sure why you have a problem with impassioned statements. Call it a cross between righteous indignation and total frustration with the seeming blindness of the liberal mentality. What I have to say about liberalism is not motivated out of hatred, in fact it probably falls more under answering fools according to their folly. As for love – I would speak to any Christian in this way (with a heart of love and sadness) if they supported these positions. Consider where I’m coming from with loved ones fighting in this war – hearing people call them unwelcome intruders only mildly strikes a sore spot. But then…to most liberals, that doesn’t seem to matter.

    Anyway – this is probably a waste of time for both of us and I don’t want to commandeer Lesa’s blog any more.


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