Valentine’s Day…

You know, I don’t really care that I am single and don’t have a “valentine”–I know that will come in time. To me, Valentine’s Day is a dumb holiday anyway…I want my loved ones to know EVERY day that they are loved and special. Oh well…

So I was thinking about my best Valentine’s Day ever and my worst one ever…

Worst: 2006

I had just started at ADP (my second week), and as I’m parking my car that morning (in the really small spots that ADP has, grrrr) I hit the car next to me. I freaked out! It wasn’t that bad, but the car was a lot newer than mine, and it was a new job, so I was nervous. I left a note (with shaky handwriting), and waited the whole day to hear from him/her…finally, around 6pm, he called. He was super nice–turns out that he was a full-time pastor before working at ADP–and didn’t end up filing an insurance claim. Still, I ended up on the couch, by myself, with a bowl of ColdStone icecream that night…and that was my Valentine’s Day.

Best: 2004

I was very very close to a (former) friend of mine who was going through a really tough time. So, I decided to pull one of my infamous schemes and fly to Chicago to surprise him and spend the weekend there. The planning was amazing (I’m definitely good at event planning/scheming 🙂 )…and he had no idea. I planned everything down to the very smallest details, and it brought so much joy to me to see him filled with joy and surprise. On Valentine’s Day, we went to Chicago (and I think it was 14 degrees) for the day…had a great dinner…and then saw the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (amazing!)…I got to claim two more states on that trip, three total (Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan) because we went to his hometown to meet his family…even though I’m no longer friends with this person, that Valentine’s Day was the best one that I’ve had to this day…

In other news–I’m spending the weekend (beginning at 6am Friday) north of Santa Barbara, on a mountain with a “panoramic view of the ocean”…it’s going to be an awesome weekend, and I’m totally looking forward to it. All of the APU mission teams are heading up there, and I know that the Lord is going to move in mighty ways! 🙂

Have a great February 14th!

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