Another reason why I LOVE Google…

They are giving every homeless person in San Francisco a lifelong phone number and free voice mail, in an effort to help them get jobs/back on their feet…because, afterall, how can a homeless person be reached consistently? Google is amazing…

2 thoughts on “Another reason why I LOVE Google…

  1. This seems like a great idea, I hope it helps. Sadly a lot of SF homeless people choose to live here specifically because the city is so “tolerant” of that kind of life. Panhandling is pretty lucrative, emergency services are free and disability, social security or welfare checks provide enough money for pot or alcohol…this sounds insensitive…but, it’s true.
    There’s a great article from the SF Chronicle about the problem here:

    I would love to see the down-and-outers get the help they need to get back on their feet…but I’m afraid a lot are just freeloaders, junkies and potheads. Additionally, I think we need some serious reforms on the mental health level for homeless individuals who are clearly insane. WE have one of those living on the streets around the block. She disappears every once in awhile for a few days – committed, evaluated, but in the absence of a crime, she’s returned to the streets, unmedicated and exposed to the elements. It’s really really sad…


  2. We went to SF in October, and I was saddened by the number of homeless people. On one hand, some homeless people are content in being homeless, whether due to mental illness, authority issues, etc. I’ve worked fairly extensive with homeless people, and I did know some who were pretty settled.

    However, Google’s initiative is helpful for those who truly have been affected by the system. Once homeless AND unemployed, it’s terribly difficult to get a job because you have a) no address and b) no phone number. Relying on friends to pass along the message is a gamble.

    I agree. Google is pretty much all that. And I think this is a great project they are doing. Sure, some may not take advantage of it, but in the end, it can’t hurt and has the potential to do a lot of good.


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