Map Nerd…

I love maps…I can literally study maps for hours. And hours. And really, I don’t get bored with them! I have found this quirk to actually be very useful, as it is very rare for me to get lost or to lose my bearings in a place.

I also “collect states”, as I like to say…and as of now, I’ve been to 25 states. I’m hoping this summer will take me above 30 (Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama…and then whichever states we hit on the big moving trip to PA)…

Since I’m sick, and in bed, I decided to find a map that I could “color in” of all the states that I have visited:

Note: if it’s colored red, that means I have actually set foot in that state. Airports don’t count. Otherwise, my count would be MUCH higher. 🙂

🙂 Just thought I’d share!

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