Four Days…

I should be sleeping…but my mind is far too occupied with the events of the past week, and with what’s to come in the next four days. I move in four days. When will my mind be able to grasp that reality? Probably when I start a job out there…or once I’ve been there longer than three months (since I’ve spent two full summers there in the past)…

My best-friend returns on Saturday night, which is when things will start to become more difficult for me emotionally…how do you say “goodbye” to someone who has meant the world to you, who has walked with you through two of the toughest years of your life thus far? I know it’s not a permanent goodbye, but when you see someone everyday, hangout all the time, how do you deal with such a change? Sigh…such is life.

This week has been filled with late nights, amazing conversations, God’s provision, tasks accomplished…time spent with people that I truly love–people who have become like family to me here in Southern California…there have been many “lasts” as well–last worship team practice, last youth group, etc. It’s so surreal…

I’m dealing with it all pretty well, though. Right now I’m becoming excited–excited for the road trip I get to take beginning next Monday night…for the two new states I can add to the list (New Mexico and Arkansas)…for the helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon that my parents surprised me with…for the beginning of a new chapter in my life–a chapter filled with unknowns right now. But I embrace the unknown, as it requires my trust to be in the Lord and not in my own plans.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”–Semisonic

I feel so blessed by the life the Lord has allowed me to live…so blessed. He continually takes care of me, provides for me, and allows me to have the most incredible life experiences. And I truly can’t imagine life without Him.

Four days…

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