Book Review: “Untamed”

During my flights to and from Nashville this weekend, I read “Untamed” by Lisa Harper. You can read the first chapter for free here. “Untamed” highlights some of the often overlooked characteristics of Jesus and gives practical ideas for how those characteristics can drastically change the way we think about Jesus and deepen our respect for Him.

The words tough, compelling, unconventional, confrontational and wild are not words that generally enter our vocabulary when we talk about Jesus; however, Lisa Harper uses plenty of Scripture passages to back up each chapter, proving that Jesus was indeed all of these adjectives and more. It is so easy to forget that Jesus was 100% human and that He was not always the gentle lamb that is so often portrayed in paintings. Jesus fought against the religious conventions of the day and sought to liberate us. He confronted evil and angered the religious establishment. This book helps us to see Jesus in a new light.

Lisa Harper is a talented writer and her content was well-researched. She presents the material in a captivating fashion and it was thoroughly enjoyable to read! However, for me, it was like a good refresher course as opposed to brand new concepts, with only a few “wow–never thought of that!” moments.  Refresher courses are ALWAYS beneficial, though, and it caused me to remember characteristics of Jesus that I had forgotten. Our Savior should not be put into a box, and we need to be reminded of who He really is!

I recommend this book for new believers and “old” believers alike–everyone can gain something from “Untamed” and it’s worth your time.  

“I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.”

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