Book Review: “Redemption” by Bryan Clay

 I loved this book. Loved it. I couldn’t put it down! Bryan Clay holds two Olympic medals (silver and gold) in the decathalon and this is his life story. He humbly describes his beginnings–always in trouble in school, definitely on a path to being in serious trouble as an adult–and shows how the love and grace of God changed him forever. He tells his story at a great pace (no pun intended) and keeps the reader intrigued throughout the book.

As he is a decathlete, much of the book discusses track and field and the lessons that he has learned throughout his training. These lessons are spread throughout the book while also including stories about his major life lessons and decisions. Bryan is a remarkable individual who went from being completely undisciplined and careless to being one of the most disciplined and steady individuals I’ve ever met. Most importantly, he is clear about why he has been successful: God. He walks the reader through his spiritual journey and shows how becoming more spiritually disciplined translated into success on the field because he had his priorities in order: God first, family second, track third.

Bryan went to my alma mater (Azusa Pacific University) and he was a senior when I was a freshman. I watched him (on TV) in 2004 when he won the silver medal in Athens and in 2008 when he won the gold in Beijing. Because of this connection, I loved the book even more.

I highly recommend this book! Whether you are an athelete or not, this book has lessons to share that apply to anyone and everyone. Pick it up today! You can find the book here:

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