Book Review: “Date Your Wife” by Justin Buzzard

Brennan actually read this book for me since it was geared toward husbands. I will check it out, too, because he said it was applicable to wives as well. The following review is in his words.

Date Your Wife” is a fairly quick read, and it is an insightful and entertaining piece of literature that revolves around one main theme: men need constant reminders to pursue their wives as if they were dating all over again. The book offers suggestions and points out that when you’re dating, you are always trying to impress your girlfriend, try new and exciting things, be with them often. Once people get married and “I do” is said, the excitement and passion seem to leave many marriages. This book gives many examples of how to keep the excitement and flare in marriage. He talks about making a plan to spend time with your wife, plan vacations, even an hour a day, date nights, talking to your wives about their day–very practical ideas. He talks about planning them up to a year in advance–which he calls “developing an air war” and he calls planning a month at a time, day by day a “ground war”

Brennan said that the book encouraged him because we already do many of the things mentioned in the book, but it also gave him ideas to keep our marriage fresh and never stagnant. Although some of the ideas might be uncomfortable at first, that’s the neat thing about experiencing things together. For example, going out with other couples who might be struggling with their marriage to be an encouragement and an example to them.

Overall, Brennan highly recommends this book, especially if you’ve been married for  a long time and you feel that your marriage is stagnant. This book will give you fresh ideas to put the spark back into your marriage.

Date Your Wife” will be released on June 30, 2012. We received a copy through in exchange for a review.

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