Book Review: The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers

The Atonement Child

This is not a new book, but it’s one worth reviewing. I first read The Atonement Child in college, and its powerful message has remained with me ever since.

The main character, Dynah, thought that her future was secure and perfect. In a moment, everything changed as a result of rape. This book details her journey through abandonment (family and fiance), the testing of her faith, and a new perspective on life. She is pressured to end the pregnancy, and the book does an excellent job of conveying the emotions that must take place when faced with a difficult decision.

What impacted me the most was the portrayal of the Christians in Dynah’s life and how they reacted to the tragedy. While I’d like to think that I would be supportive of her and do whatever I can to help her, I know that I’m not perfect and I would likely make presumptive judgments as well. It made me think about the ways that I approach situations and taught me to not make assumptions about people.

The Atonement Child is powerful, and it is yet another masterful work by Francine Rivers. It is worth your time!

One thought on “Book Review: The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers

  1. Great book! I read it about 4 years ago. Pretty much anything by Francine Rivers is good. Her best book is “Redeeming Love”, in my opinion of course.


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