Book Review: Faith and Other Flat Tires

I love memoirs. I love learning about the deep, intimate journeys that people often take in life. I believe that we can learn a great deal from the life journeys of other people. This is why I readily accepted the offer to read and review this book by Andrea Palpant Dilley.

Faith and Other Flat Tires is Andrea’s story of faith to doubt and then back to faith. Andrea spent her first few years of life as a missionary kid in Africa and moved back to the United States as a young girl. This experience created a tension within her that never fully resolved. As she grew older, she began to struggle with questions like “why does God allow suffering?” and these questions led her to her struggle with doubt. Andrea describes in detail (honestly, too much at times…it is a bit wordy in my opinion) her faith journey, including her departure from the church after college, and ends by sharing the hope that she eventually found.

The book is good and very detailed.  I found that it moved a bit too slowly for my taste (due to her lengthy descriptions of events) until the middle of the book when she returns to Kenya for the summer. From that point on, it moved well for me and I was hooked. That’s just my personal opinion though–other might disagree!

This would be a valuable resource for anyone who has struggled or is struggling with their Christian faith. Andrea is honest about her questions and her struggles, and her honesty is refreshing. Her education shines through and philosophy is mentioned throughout.

I’d encourage you to check out Faith and Other Flat Tires–either for yourself or someone you know who could benefit from it.

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I received a free copy of the book from Zondervan in exchange for my honest review.

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