Book Review: “Beyond Ordinary” by Justin & Trisha Davis


Would you consider your marriage to be ordinary or extraordinary? More importantly, which of those options would you desire for your marriage? I think without a doubt that every married person would say “extraordinary”, and I think that we all start out with those dreams and intentions. Yet, as the years go by, we don’t realize how easy it is to slip into “ordinary” — and that’s where most marriage problems begin.

Justin and Trisha Davis have been there, done that, and they’ve decided to NEVER allow their marriage to be ordinary again. In fact, they’ve dedicated their lives to helping couples move from ordinary to extraordinary. Their new book, “Beyond Ordinary” is an amazingly honest look at what it takes to have an extraordinary marriage. It takes hard work, but that work is well worth the investment.

I love that they wrote it in a unique “he said, she said” style so that you hear both sides of the story clearly. What I loved even more was their brutal honesty and their willingness to talk about the tough issues so candidly.

This is a book from which all Christian married couples can benefit greatly. Though I’m only two years into this journey called marriage, I benefited so much from their stories and examples of how easy it is to slip into ordinary, which can lead to the destruction of a marriage. Take the time to invest in the most important relationship of your life!

To read more about their ministry, click here.

To see a great video about this book, click here.

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale House in exchange for my honest review.





One thought on “Book Review: “Beyond Ordinary” by Justin & Trisha Davis

  1. Just wanted to say thank you so much for reading and reviewing our book. Thank you for sharing the review with your community as well. Really appreciate it!


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