Book Review: “Forgiveness” by Matthew West

I have been a fan of singer/songwriter Matthew West for years now (in fact, we even used one of his songs at our wedding!), and I’ve especially loved the songs that he has written after reading true stories from people’s lives. So, when I saw that he had put out a book containing the stories that inspired many of his songs, I was SO excited to get a copy of it!

Forgiveness: Overcoming the Impossible is so incredibly powerful and it contains dozens of true stories about people who have chosen to forgive others for terrible, tragic, and painful things. Each one challenged me as I thought about people in my own life who I need to forgive, and I realized that if these people can forgive others for doing much worse things than have been done to me, I really need to walk this path of forgiveness as well.

Matthew follows each story with a note of his own about how the story affected him personally, which I loved. Through those notes, I was reminded that forgiveness doesn’t mean that you are saying that what happened was right. It doesn’t mean that justice can’t be served. It simply means that you are willing to extend grace and mercy and give them a second chance, just like God did for us.

This needs to be on your coffee table, bookshelf, desk, etc. Pick it up today and be amazed at what God can do in our hearts if we will give Him the chance.

I received a free copy of this book from in exchange for my honest review.

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