Praying for Healing…

If I am honest, I will admit that I am very skeptical of God giving the gift of healing to people in the world today. I absolutely believe that He, Himself, can heal and often does. But, because I have seen so many phony healers in my lifetime, I am admittedly skeptical about a person having that gift.

However, we are now in a situation where only God can save our little girl’s life. So, it has made us consider things that we previously would have pushed aside.

Several people have mentioned Bethel Church in Redding, CA to me as a place that is known for successful healings and workings of the Holy Spirit. The funny thing about that is that my hometown is a little town called Red Bluff, only 30 minutes south of where Bethel is located.

Brennan and I have been praying and pleading with God to heal Tori because it would be such an incredible testimony of His power to tens of thousands of people around the world, especially the doctors who have been working with us who are experts in these fields. Can you imagine what an impact it would have for them to see a new MRI of her brain and have it be completely restored again? And to see her developing and growing normally again?

Because of the generosity of hundreds, we have the financial ability to hop on a plane to go to Bethel in person and to see my family at the same time. Please pray with us about this. We are so desperate to save our little girl’s life, but even more so, we want God to use her to change the world. For the first time in two weeks I feel overwhelmed with hope, and that is far better than dwelling on the negative.

12 thoughts on “Praying for Healing…

  1. Praying with you and that this is a very restorative trip for your family. There is little to loose when we focus on the enormous possibilities that our God is capable of. That is very brave and courageous of you to vulnerably seek that. His healing has no limit, if not for Tori, then for you and Brennan. Her little life is already be used mightily and that can never be taken away.


  2. Lisa, if I had a long time I would tell you of many miraculous healings. Read everything you can in the Bible about healings….very often when people were healed and it was public you see ” and the people(the crowd that witnessed it) were amazed..” May son was diagnosed at age 26 with a progressive, debilitating disease that occasionally stopped progressing…but NEVER improved or resolved. His femoral heads were dissolving due to a lack of blood supply ,destroyed by prednisone taken for hives. We went to 5 specialists and he chose to go to Duke University for a very brutal surgery with a 9 month recovery…one hip would be done and 3 months later the other hip would be done. The long term prognosis as far as pain and mobility was not encouraging but he wanted to try to avoid total hip replacements at 26. He was told that his mobility would be affected and he would still probably have some pain IF it was sucessful….he would NEVER again run, ski, hike, etc. People from literally around the world began to pray for him….God gave me this verse…”For the wisdom of man is foolishness to God…” I did not even know it was in the Bible. Three months after his 1st surgery , his Atlanta orthopedist said he wanted to do another MRI even though Duke did not recommend this…progressive disease. He had the MRI and we still had not heard a week later. Nine days later his Dr. called and said it had taken so long because he had many radiologists and ortho docs look at the MRI….they were all in agreement that his unoperated hip was improving and it “appeared he was developing a new blood supply to it” He sent the films to Duke and they called and said his 2nd surgery was cancelled…that he should call them when his pain got worse. That was in January 2000 and he has never had the other surgery….he hikes 10-15 miles, skis and his hips are strong and the bone is dense(good). When his Atlanta doc saw me for the 1st time (he was a friend and I had worked in the OR with him for 20 years) he was elated, came in saying ” I am amazed”!! This is what we had prayed for this doc who was not a believer…very scientific person. Our God used this healing to draw him to Himself o ver a matter of months. We are praying for Tori….that many would be amazed at what God does….what ONLY God can do. Praying for you as her parents to have the peace that passes all understanding. Believing, Elaine Bryan


  3. God will continue to direct your paths! My grand daughter’s 3 years old today – 3 years ago she was given a 20% chance of survival and even less chance to be whole! Doctor told us medical science alone couldn’t save her – we needed a miracle! God gave us that miracle – it happened one day at a time as we learned complete dependency on God! It is a wonderful way to live – in dependency and wander! May God grant you the desires of your heart!


  4. Lesa, you should also look into the National Center for Padre Pio in Barto, PA. We took my God daughter there when she was 6 month after she was diagnosed as having had a huge left sided stroke in utero. She is now 7 and although she has right sided weakness as well as peripheral blindness, she walks, runs, plays, and is growing and maturing normally. Along with healing masses at Catholic Churches in the Phila area and visiting Padre Pio Center, she received a cord blood treatment from her own banked stem cells in North Carolina (i think at Duke). Praying for you all, Victoria


  5. Good morning,

    I just read your latest update. I am Sheila Hutmaker’s mom she works at the spa. We all feel so sad that Tori is so ill she is such a beautiful little girl…you are blessed.
    I have added her the the prayer chain at our church and have asked friends and family to pray for Tori and your family.
    You are right God is in control and will hold Tori and your family close to him and heal if it is his will. There are reasons that we may never know for what is happening…this world today is very scary. But faith in God will pull you and us through anything that is placed in front of us.
    We will be Praying for safe travel to Bethel and healing blessings for Tori upon your arrival there.
    Be Gods,
    Lisa Brasher and family


  6. I wish all the best for you and your family but religion is not going to help. You need to go see Dr. Escobar at CHOP. If there is any hope, she will find it. I can understand those who rely on religion in hard times but praying can only do so much.


    1. Well, God is the ultimate healer, but yes, we know that He often uses doctors to heal. We are already in contact with her and are likely traveling there this week.


  7. you are always on my heart and mind. today i specifically prayed for Tori’s precious brain– that the Lord would do a complete healing of it. I completely agree with you– what a phenomenal testimony to the power if God if that were to happen! ❤ becca


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