Book Review: One Woman Can Change The World by Ronne Rock

Often when you read books like these you are left feeling inadequate, pressured to achieve a new level of faithfulness or achievement. However, I found One Woman Can Change The World by Ronne Rock to be the exact opposite. The grace, hope, wisdom, and gentleness in Ronne’s words and thoughts is consistent throughout and left me feeling encouraged and ready for what comes next. As I turned each page I felt at peace while also feeling challenged.

I personally know the author thanks to a Facebook group that was started in 2013, which led me to serve alongside Ronne in Guatemala in 2014. I have long been captivated by her gentle way of proclaiming truths in such a way that the listener is disarmed and not defensive. I’ve been drawn to her passion for serving orphans and women in need around the world. This book is consistent with that style I’ve observed over the years and I didn’t want it to end! It felt as though I was sitting in her living room (or kitchen) having a conversation and hearing her tell these incredible stories. She is an amazing storyteller.

Page after page I continued to find a new favorite quote, something that struck me, or a new take on a common truth. Needless to say, my book is filled with notes and underlines. I will only include one quote here because I want you to read this book for yourself.

“Fear loves to write the story lines of our lives. It loves to scribble over our plans, edit our futures, add to our pasts, discredit our present journeys. And fear doesn’t know how to write a good story, because fear can’t spell hope.” – page 54

You need to hear these stories of women who rose up to meet the needs around them even through fear and doubt. You need to be encouraged by Ronne’s powerful words that lead us directly to the Author of it all. Most importantly, you need to be empowered by the promises of God that she references throughout. We were created to do great things and the words within this book will help you pursue what God has given you to do.

This is a book to savor, to read again and again. Please get your copy today! And visit to learn more about Ronne and Orphan Outreach.

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