Book Review: “52 Weeks of Gratitude” and “Whatever is Lovely”

It can be difficult these days to be intentional about reflecting on my life and encouraging others. Often when I sit down to think (in the rare moments of silence) I feel overwhelmed about everything on my plate and it’s difficult to quiet my mind.

So, when I found out about Ink & Willow’s new product line I was so excited! They have developed several products to remind us of the beauty God brings in ordinary things, and they make it simpler to take time to be grateful (and even guide you through different categories and themes in our lives to expand gratitude) and to encourage others (while relaxing and coloring at the same time).

My favorite thing about 52 Weeks of Gratitude is that it’s SIMPLE. It isn’t cumbersome or complicated, and it doesn’t require much time. Each week has a theme and prompts for reflection; there’s also a weekly “challenge” to keep you thinking about (and acting on) the theme. As a tired mom of toddler twins, I need simplicity and prompting! Also, it’s GORGEOUS. They put so much thought into every aspect of this! Just looking at the pages makes me happy.

My favorite thing about Whatever is Lovely is the beauty of the cards themselves and the mixture of Scripture, quotes, and hymns. I’m not sure I will want to mail these because I want to frame them! I used to send mail all the time. All the time. I love receiving mail so I used to encourage others as much as possible in that way. In the busyness of motherhood I haven’t sent much mail in years but I want to change that. This makes it simple to do, and I think the coloring will allow for peace and reflection, which I need.

They have several more amazing books (I have another one on the way!) and I highly recommend them. We all need reminding to be grateful, to rest, to encourage, and to grow, and these will help tremendously. These would make fantastic gifts, too!

You can find these on Amazon or many other online retailers.

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