Book Review: Looking for Leroy

Looking for Leroy by Melody Carlson is one of the most relatable and real-life pieces of fiction I have read to date.

From the back of the book:

It’s official: Brynna Phillips is done with men. They only break your heart. But just when she makes this declaration, her friend Jan convinces Brynna to join her on a camping vacation in Sonoma Wine Country. As they wind their way toward their destination, spanking-new mini camper in tow, Brynna recalls her teenage camp romance with a boy named Leroy. How can it have been nearly 30 years ago? All she remembers is that Leroy was a genuinely good guy and that his family owned a vineyard–in Sonoma. She doesn’t even remember his last name. Undaunted, Jan insists they look for him, and the search for a second chance at love begins.

The story is written so realistically – the circumstances, the relationships, even the dialogues felt authentic, true to life. I thought I saw how the storyline was going to go but the author consistently proved me wrong and left me guessing.

I related to Brynna in many ways and I feel that most readers will, as well: her indecisiveness, her struggle to decide what she really wanted to do in life, especially after her dreams were halted by unforeseen circumstances, and more. I also remember my camp experiences from childhood vividly and fondly, so while I’m happily married, I could relate to the friendships and relationships built during camp and feeling drawn to reconnect with those people. I loved the emphasis on a strong family (with realistic struggles), too.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story!

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