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Short post today (for once)…

Okay, so I won’t make this one as long as my past few have been. I am a writer by nature, and writing helps me to process that which is running through my mind…so the past few posts have been pretty lengthy! I apologize!


This afternoon I am heading down to Yorba Linda (Orange County) to see my former boss, Newt Gingrich. One benefit of having worked for him is that I will be able to speak with him, as well as his Communications Director (who is completely awesome!), even though I have not yet bought the book that is being signed today. I am really excited about seeing Newt in California!


I spent last night with my friend Christina, for our “weekly” (we try, anyway!) time together for accountability and fellowship. It is so incredible how the Lord allows you to find someone who is going through EXACTLY the same things at the same time…so amazing. It was so good to listen to all that the Lord has been doing in her life.


There are so many things going on in my  life right now that are not easy…they are not fun…and that’s okay. I am just trusting the Lord to guide me down whatever path He chooses for me…it has already been a remarkable learning experience, and I look forward to the experiences to come.


“Do everything in love.” –I Corinthians 16:14

Lesa’s new fight…

As many of you know, I love to argue and debate…I would love to be a lobbyist someday, for I also love to persuade people that I am right 🙂 I did an internship with a lobbyist the summer after my senior year in high school…but anyway…

So I have a potential chance to fight and lobby, and it has made me excited.

When I entered APU, I was told that I did not have to take math because my SAT math scores were high enough to waive the requirement. Nonetheless, I tried to take calculus (since I had just passed AP Calculus with a 98% in the class, and I enjoyed it thoroughly), but they wouldn’t let me because I wasn’t a math major.

So, my junior year rolls around, haven’t had math since high school…and the registrar informs me that I have to take College Algebra to graduate. I was stumped as to what I could do…because I did not get the waiver in writing, they can’t accept my word. I PASSED AP CALC (aced it, really)!! And now they want me to take ALGEBRA?!

So now the fight is on. 🙂

I am going to find out what the score to waive math is…

then, I am going to obtain my academic records, with my SAT scores, to prove to them that they were indeed high enough.

I will sit down with someone in the registrar’s office and kindly persuade them to see things my way…

If they still will not allow me to waive this, then I will resort to another tactic…

Don’t yet know what that tactic will be…but I will come up with something! 🙂

I am excited! I will have to wait until summer, but that will give me something to do! If I get that class waived, I will be ecstatic…though I could use the 3 units to count toward graduation, it’s the principle of the thing, you know? They went back on their word…so I am going to call them on it.

Anyway, that has bettered my mood for the day. When I set my mind on doing something, it is hard to get me to change my mind. 🙂 I’ll keep you posted as the battle against College Algebra begins…

Santa Barbara

Beautiful weekend…Reagan Ranch was fabulous…I stood in Reagan’s bathroom! Took tons of pictures, and will upload those…eventually…who knows when! It was so beautiful up there…Santa Barbara is breathtaking! 🙂

More later…so much to do, so much to think about…12 days until Spring Break!

Off to the Rancho del Cielo

Alright…it’s off to Santa Barbara for me for tonight and tomorrow…I am excited about spending this time on the Reagan Ranch! It should be a great time…we have about three hours of “training” and the rest of the time is chill time and a tour of the ranch. Should be awesome! 🙂

Still stressed…next week is going to be a tough one…not only because of the amount of work that has to be done, but also because Tuesday is tough day, remembering a long-time friend…more on that later…

See you Sunday!