Bethel Redding


When your child is dying you will do anything to save their life.

Though I have admittedly been a skeptic of God healing through specific people in the past, I have opened my heart to the possibility in hopes that God is trying to show us His power in a new way.

So, when we planned this trip to Red Bluff, we decided to make a trip to Bethel on a Saturday morning for their Healing Room ministry. What could it hurt? 

Many people had told us about Bethel before we had even planned to come. Then, we had what appears to be a divine appointment on the flight from San Francisco to Redding.

We sat in the front row of the plane on that flight, and there was a woman across the aisle from us by herself. During the flight, the flight attendant saw us feeding Tori through the tube and asked us questions about Tori. 

The woman across from us was listening, and when we got to “baggage claim” (in quotes because Redding’s airport is tiny) she approached us. 

She said she had heard us telling Tori’s story and that she is on staff at Bethel. She asked if we had heard about their healing ministry and we said that we had and that we were planning to go.

She exchanged contact info with us and asked us to text her when we arrived so that she could bring us right in, and that she would arrange a special prayer team for us because of the life and death nature of our situation. She also prayed over Tori right there.

So, my mom, Brennan, Tori, and I went this morning at 9:15am and she kept her word. 

She then told us this morning that she was originally supposed to be further back in the plane but that she had felt God tell her to move to the front. To be by us. 

The team prayed over Tori for complete restoration and healing, for victory over Krabbe. They then prayed over Brennan and me for healing of our DNA so that we might be able to have more healthy children. We haven’t had our genetic testing yet, so I pray that is because God is going to heal us as well.

We heard from at least four friends before they knew that we were going up to Bethel, and they all had dreams in the past few days about Tori being healed. Jesus, let it be so!

While we know that God alone knows His plans for her, we feel hopeful after these experiences. We know that His will is perfect and whatever He has planned is good. Now we wait to see what He will do.