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Book Review: The Jesus Who Surprises by Dee Brestin

img_8482The Jesus Who Surprises: Opening Our Eyes to His Presence in All of Life and Scripture is an excellent study – one I enjoyed from beginning to end.

The author looks at the entire Bible to show us glimpses of Jesus where we may not expect to see Him. She masterfully shows that the Bible is indeed one connected story, one of hope, redemption, and love. She also approaches important topics like suffering, and she shows how those things produce a joy like none other (something I know from experience). I thoroughly enjoyed this study and repeatedly found myself excited and encouraged by her words. That isn’t something I can often say.

Here is one of my favorite quotes:

When we realize that the Lord is in control, a peace comes to us, despite the suffering. We realize that this shaking is temporary and that we have an inheritance that can never be taken from us. (Page 123)

I especially loved – and learned from – the third part, looking at Isaiah and what is in store for us. She summed up the whole study so well in the last sentence:

My hope is that seeing this same story from Genesis to Revelation will give you great confidence in the reliability of the Scriptures and the truths they hold. For the Jesus that surprised the two on the road to Emmaus, and surprises us in our everyday lives, is not at all finished surprising us.”

Dee also challenges the reader to see Jesus at work every day – something I’ve practiced for years thanks to missional training I received. He is always at work, you just have to see it. This practice alone can significantly change one’s perspective.


This beautiful study can be done individually or as a group. Dee provides thoughtful questions to encourage a deeper study of Scripture at the end of each chapter.

I highly recommend this book and I look forward to reading more of her studies.


I was given a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Book Review: The Inscribed Collection

I have been going to church and learning about Jesus my entire life. While this has certainly been a blessing, the downside has been that I rarely that I see a study or book that addresses something I haven’t already sat in a class studying or something about which I haven’t read a book. It seems that most studies tend to discuss the same major points in the Bible rather than digging into the lesser known parts.

When I was asked to review this collection, the titles immediately grabbed my attention, and I agreed. At this point in my life, especially, I’m in great need of fresh thoughts and teachings to inspire me, so I dove in. Every one of these books discusses topics that are rarely studied!

From the very first page of the first one that I began to read, my heart became excited and I could tell that these books were different…relevant…fresh. Each word is written with contagious passion and it made me want to keep reading!

For just one example: the book “Living So That” takes a look at the times in the New Testament when those two words are used – something I have never thought about before! Whenever those words are used, it shows a purpose, a plan. This happened “so that” this would happen. Fascinating and challenging!

I can see these books being used for personal or group study, for teenage girls and up.

Pick them up today and prepare to be challenged and refreshed as you dive into God’s Word with these women. 🙂

I received copies of these books from BookLook in exchange for my honest review.