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April Adventure…

I’ve recently begun trying “couponing”–though NOT like the women on TV…I only get what the two of us can use and stick with the healthy foods that are on sale/with a coupon. We’ve saved a lot of money already–in fact, with one month’s food budget, we bought enough food for what seems like two months!

That got me to thinking…and I wondered if we could go a month without doing any major grocery shopping. So, we’ve decided to try!

For the month of April (as long as we can go):

  • We will only go to the store to get fresh produce (because you can’t effectively stockpile those items).
  • We will not duplicate any meals (variations are okay, but no complete duplications).
  • We will only use food that is in our freezer/pantry.
  • We will still maintain our healthy lifestyle and will continue to focus on nutrition.
  • We will blog about our progress (with pictures of the meals) for accountability.

I have no idea how far we can actually make it in the month, but I think we can do the entire month, even if we have rice and beans (variations thereof) for a few meals.

I’m still working on a name for our little challenge, but I have two days to decide. Suggestions are welcome!