Dreams of Healing, Part Two

We are fascinated by the dreams people continue to have of Tori being healed. You can see the first post about dreams here.

While we cannot be certain that these dreams are prophetic, it gives us hope because we know that God speaks to people through dreams and visions! It is amazing how many vivid and detailed dreams have been had by so many.

Here are three more:

I had a dream last night that I went to a children’s boutique and Lesa was helping people. There was a series of children’s books about Tori. I introduced myself and then, from behind the counter, Tori came out running around and playing. I was so excited!

I had a dream about Tori last night…Tori smiled, she smiled so big. Her eyes just lit up and she smiled. It was beautiful.

…last night was the most vivid dream I had of your daughter.
In my dream Tori started smiling and began to regain her motor skills. You took her to the doctor and they ran several tests because she appeared normal. They couldn’t figure out the miraculous recovery.

Shortly after that she began crawling around and there was a child’s art easel in a room. This was so vivid because I even recall what she was wearing (white short sleeve shirt and raspberry color knit pants with a headband in her hair). 

She crawled to the easel and pulled herself up on it. You gave her some finger paint and she happily splattered paint on the easel. She giggled and smiled the entire time. 

I remember saying that this little girl is such a testimony and miracle. I had to share this because it really touched me. 

Dreams of Healing

I haven’t personally had dreams about Tori that I can remember (not that I often have sleep that allows dreams these days), but many people who are following our story have told us about vivid dreams they have been having about Tori – a healthy, growing, healed Tori.

I pray that these dreams are prophetic – we know God often uses dreams to speak to people! I wanted to start recording these accounts in case she is healed on this earth and I need these later.

Here are the ones I was able to find – I will add more if they come in so that they are in one place.

If you have had or do have a dream about Tori being healed, please let us know!

“I had a dream that our family drove to Pennsylvania in the car we want to get to have lunch with you, Brennan, and Tori. Tori was in a high chair, so she was sitting up. I woke up before there were any vocalizations about her healing, but the fact that she was sitting up is a good sign, right?!”

“I had a dream that Tori was in a ladybug dress and going to her first day of kindergarten!”

“I had a dream that Tori smiled. I also saw you, Lesa, and you were holding Tori in your arms, and you were sitting at the feet of Jesus by the Mercy Seat, and surrounding the three of you was all of Heaven and they were singing and praying for you and Tori. I was crying.”

“I vaguely remember. She was older, though, much older. It’s just how I see it. I don’t know why I don’t see this ending tragically. I just don’t.”

“In my one dream she was running around the playground.”

“I was going to say that I had a dream last night about her sitting with Brennan asking him to read her the story about God’s promises, the covenant. Didn’t know you were going there (Bethel) today.”

















“Wow, the dream I had last night was that Tori was toddler size and talking and then I woke up and read your post about going to Bethel this morning. Praying for healing with you all! Our God can do this!”


“I didn’t have a dream, but while you were in California I did have a vision of her healing, God showed me that small things about Tori would begin to change; the light in her eyes that you’ve missed the last couple months will begin to return. When she is looking at you, you’ll be able to tell that she sees you and knows who you are. That she will smile! Maybe so small and inconsistent that you wonder if you’re seeing things, but then it will be more frequent and will become responsive. That the parts of her brain that were claimed by Krabbe would be reclaimed by the God who created them.”

“I did not have a dream, but about 24 hours after you were at Bethel, while looking at a photo of Tori, the photo  almost seemed to be a video as I thought I saw her face move as if she was inhaling. It occurred to me how cool it would be if that was the instant some sort of healing was happening.”

“About a month ago I had a dream that Tori was completely healthy and healed. It was truly an amazing dream!  I thought I was the only one who had that kind of dream.”

“I just had one last night. It was brief. I walked into a room in a house, like a living room. I see a little girl walk toward me and vocalize. I recognized her as Tori.”

“I do home health and take care of sick children, I trained a girl on Wednesday on my current case. Maybe it was my anxiety about training someone else, but…In my dream, when the other nurse and I showed up to the house, it wasn’t my clients house at all. At the time I didn’t know who’s house it was. But when you posted the picture of your freshly mulched yard, I recognized the house as yours. When we walked in the house, we found you Brennan and Tori, having breakfast at the table, and she was eating scrambled eggs, looked up at the other nurse and myself, and in the softest of voices she said “hi” pointed to her eggs, she said “eggs”, clapped her hands and laughed. I shot up out of a dead sleep around 3am, her laugh sounded so real like I had heard it while I was awake. Keep praying, don’t lose hope. He is listening. He is just waiting for the right moment.”

“I feel like it’s a sign that you’re asking this. I had a dream last night.  The details are fuzzy but we were talking about another child who was healed and feeling very encouraged because you said tori was showing signs of improvement.  In my dream this was a sure sign tori was being healed.  She wasn’t in the dream. Just you Lesa but we were overjoyed!!! Cannot begin to tell you how I pray with you all for this to be true.”

“I dreamed that you posted a video of Tori saying her first words. It was just days prior to you going to Bethel. I remembering just rejoicing when I saw the video. She was struggling to get a word out but I remember thanking God for her healing in my dream. I remember she had on a red dress.”

My Heart’s Desire for Tori

Thoughts that cross my mind almost daily…and prayers that I pray moment by moment.

Thank you, Jesus, for the beautiful gift you have given us in Victoria.

Lord, I want to watch her learn to crawl, walk, and talk. I want to watch her learn to enjoy food and how to cook. I want to see her learn how to ride a bike, learn to read, learn everything. I want to nurture her innate talents and gifts and help her discover her passions.

I want to teach her to love music, to teach her to sing and play instruments, and to worship through music. I want her abilities to surpass my own.

I want to see her grow up and become a beautiful young woman. She is so beautiful now – I want to watch her become gorgeous both inside and out.

I want her to become a teenager and all that comes with that. Attitudes, independence, makeup, sleepovers, boys that Brennan will chase away. After all, she isn’t allowed to date until she’s thirty 😉

I want her to see what an amazing, godly, wonderful man her father is and to choose a husband just like him.

I want her to graduate from high school and pursue her dreams – whatever those may be.

I want to teach her to love to travel and explore. To love other cultures and learn from them. To use a camera to capture images that have impact.

Most importantly, I want to see her use her miraculous healing as a powerful testimony to bring the kingdom of God to those who do not yet know You. I want to see her grow in wisdom and grace as she follows You, Lord. 

Oh Lord, we continue to plead with you for a miracle, for a complete restoration of our beloved daughter’s brain and body. You have set the stage perfectly for something magnificent to happen and for thousands of lives to be impacted through the healing of our Tori. Her (many) doctors would be astounded to see her suddenly able to eat normally, to talk and smile again, and to develop as a seven month old should.

Please heal her, Lord Jesus. Allow her to experience all this life has to offer. Allow her to testify of your mighty power for many decades here on earth. 

Please, Lord, allow us to not just be parents, but to be HER parents. To raise her and love her for the rest of our lives. We know that You alone can restore life to her brain and heal her body, and we ask you for this miracle.

Guatemala Stories: How I Became “Team Photographer”

I found out that I was pregnant on December 6th, 2013. This was welcomed news, but in the back of my mind I was wondering how this was going to impact my ability to serve in Guatemala just two months later. I knew that I would be in the beginning of the second trimester when we left, so in theory I would be feeling well enough and would have the energy to serve; but, I also knew that pregnancy places restrictions on a woman and makes her more “high maintenance” than a non-pregnant woman, so I wasn’t sure what I’d be able to do.

I spoke with one of our team leaders about it and she assured me that there would be plenty for me to do that would still allow me to take care of my baby. What I didn’t realize at the time was that God was planning to use me in a way I never would have expected.

I discovered last summer that my dream job was to do photography for missions organizations…to tell the stories that need to be told and to inspire people to act.

My dream...

I have had the privilege of doing missions photography in Tunisia, Brazil, Haiti and New Orleans in the past…


…but I didn’t go to Guatemala thinking I would be able to do much with it. We had a full and exciting schedule of service and I was ready to jump right in alongside the team. I hoped that I would be able to take pictures along the way, but it was in no way something I expected to be able to do.

When we got to Guatemala and were talking through the projects for the first few days, our leaders mentioned that they (and many of the team members) wanted shots of several of the group activities that would be going on simultaneously and asked if I would focus on capturing everything for the team during this trip.

I was amazed, humbled, excited, and ready to dive in. I couldn’t believe that I was being asked to use my passion, my gift, my dream to bless the team in such a unique way. 

Because I was taking pictures for everyone, they were able to focus solely on ministering to the beautiful children in our care. They were able to set their cameras aside when necessary in order to just be in the moment, while I did something that I love to do and could do even while pregnant.

I may have been unable to help paint the bedroom or the hallway at Mi Pequeno Refugio.
I may have been unable to lift things and carry boxes of food.
I may have been unable to be outside at The Ravine due to the burning trash and smoke.
But, I was able to use my gift to capture the team doing all of these things while still serving the Lord in Guatemala, just not in the way I had planned.

Thank you, Ronne and Courtney, for seeing this gift in me and allowing me to use it.
Thank you, team, for being so supportive and excited about what I was capturing.

I came home with over 5,800 images of our week. I’m currently down to 3,800 images with the promise of a snow day tomorrow during which I can edit. This experience gave me a glimpse of what it really would be like to do photography for missions organizations, and it confirmed in my heart that this is what I was made to do. I can’t wait for what God has in store for me next!