Emptying the Storehouse: Week One

This is the first week of us cooking and eating only what we have in the house–no grocery shopping (except for fresh produce)! I decided to call it “Emptying the Storehouse” because it sounded better than “Eating from the Pantry” or anything else that came to mind.

We are excited about this challenge and I think we are prepared. I made a potential meal list the other day based on what we have in the house, and we made one last trip to Walmart on Saturday to pick up a few things. We did, however, forget to pick up some mayonnaise (we threw ours away when our refrigerator died), which will make tuna sandwiches difficult (unless we cave and buy it). I’m also nervous about our cheese supply–we don’t have as much as I had thought, so this will require creativity.

I will post links to recipes whenever I have them–some are from cookbooks that I only have in print.

Dinner Menu for Week One:

Sunday: Breakfast burritos and smoothies for brunch; dinner at church

Monday: Easy Garden Bake (changed my mind–updated at 4:37pm)

Tuesday: Skinny Baked Broccoli Macaroni & Cheese  (plenty of leftovers from this!)

Wednesday: Mexican Pulled Pork Tacos with black beans

Thursday: Dinner with friends

Friday: We will be spending the weekend at a “Bed and Breakfast” in Lancaster County, so we won’t be home until Sunday.


Dinner Menu for Week Two:

Monday: Italian Sausage Soup with Zucchini

Tuesday: Leftover soup from Monday…

Wednesday: Applesauce Chicken (crock-pot) with steamed vegetables and quinoa/rice

Thursday: Chicken Taco Chili over brown rice

Friday: Leftovers from the week

Saturday: Out of town (Disaster Relief training)

Sunday: “Corndog Millionaire Muffins” (Hungry Girl) with salad (healthy, believe it or not!)


Breakfasts consist of any of the following: cereal, smoothies, breakfast burritos, baked oatmeal, etc.

Lunches during the week (for me) are either leftovers, smoothies, or salads. Brennan is able to eat at work.


I’m really looking forward to growing in my cooking and substituting skills (if substitution becomes necessary), and more importantly, I’m looking forward to an empty pantry. We have an over abundance of food thanks to the savings we’ve had from couponing, and it’s time to sit back and enjoy the “fruits of our labor” and not shop for a month!

April Adventure…

I’ve recently begun trying “couponing”–though NOT like the women on TV…I only get what the two of us can use and stick with the healthy foods that are on sale/with a coupon. We’ve saved a lot of money already–in fact, with one month’s food budget, we bought enough food for what seems like two months!

That got me to thinking…and I wondered if we could go a month without doing any major grocery shopping. So, we’ve decided to try!

For the month of April (as long as we can go):

  • We will only go to the store to get fresh produce (because you can’t effectively stockpile those items).
  • We will not duplicate any meals (variations are okay, but no complete duplications).
  • We will only use food that is in our freezer/pantry.
  • We will still maintain our healthy lifestyle and will continue to focus on nutrition.
  • We will blog about our progress (with pictures of the meals) for accountability.

I have no idea how far we can actually make it in the month, but I think we can do the entire month, even if we have rice and beans (variations thereof) for a few meals.

I’m still working on a name for our little challenge, but I have two days to decide. Suggestions are welcome!