A Little Miracle

We received some interesting news today in a voicemail from Dr. Escolar:

She took Tori’s MRI to a neurosurgeon and it was discovered that, even though she does have extra fluid and high pressure in her skull, her brain “spontaneously perforated” and is “shunting itself”(or draining fluid) automatically. 

Tori won’t need to have a shunt placed and Dr. E doesn’t think we need to rush to see a neurosurgeon here. They just want to check her pressures in about two months.

While she didn’t say whether or not we could have actually gone to California without worry, we aren’t dwelling on that. She thought we went and said she hoped and prayed that all went well. 
We are going to choose to look at this as miraculous and focus on this miracle the Lord has done rather than focus or dwell on our disappointment that we likely could have gone to California after all. 
How great is our God! ❤️