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Inaugural Ball

Oh, to not be a poor college student!

Found out today through one of my contacts that I can get into a ball for a MUCH reduced price–but still a price that is MUCH too high for my college student budget…not to mention that I’d have to go dress shopping…

Sigh…well, at least I know that I COULD have gone!

Forecast: SNOW!!

Yes, that’s right. While I’m in Pennsylvania (7 days from now!), it’s supposed to SNOW! WOO HOO! I can’t wait! It’s also supposed to snow in D.C. next Tuesday, which isn’t all that great since I’ll be outside for at least 6 hours on Thursday (the temp will be 45 though, so it will be melted).

As long as the roads are clear enough for me to get to Baltimore on Sunday, to fly back to California, then all will be well.

Yay snow!


So, have I mentioned lately that I am SOOOOO excited about my upcoming trip to the East Coast?! I cannot wait to go to Pennsylvania and see all the people I love so dearly! It’s been over a year now since I last saw them, and I just can’t wait.

Yes, I am more excited about PA than I am about D.C…but I’m excited about both.

I talked to my “Pennsylvania Parents” today, just because I am so anxious to see them.

10 days!! 🙂

By the way, it is STILL raining here, and not just raining, but POURING. In the past four days we’ve had more than four times our seasonal average. Amazing.